Uber – Evolving the way the world moves

Uber is extremely popular because it is cheap and easy: the Uber app that lets you order a taxi. But how does the app work? Uber is an American company that provides an alternative taxi service through an application on the smartphone. Using your smartphone, you can easily and quickly order a taxi that takes you to the desired destination. It is a company in the US city of San Francisco. Uber offers an alternative taxi service through an app. Four years ago, Uber was formed and in that time the company made a tumultuous growth. The value of the app is now estimated at 12 billion dollar. In 128 cities in 37 countries, the app can be used now and they want to expand quickly to operate in more cities.

How does it work?

Download UberThe app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. Then you sign up. If you want a taxi, you can see all the available cars. Pinpoint your location on the map, then your destination. In the Uber app, you can start entering your destination, it will give you a price estimate. You always know the price upfront. And that is why Uber is better than taxi’s from your own city.

You can easily download the Uber app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Before or after downloading you can easily register by creating an account. If you you have registered your account, your location at Uber is known and you can select a location. The app will show you all available options, from cheap to luxury. You select your final destination, after which you get an instant price estimate.

Why is it so popular?

Users praise the service because of the convenience and price, sometimes even half of a normal taxi. This is partly because there is no taxi company involved and the tip is already included in the fare. Because your account is linked to your credit card users do not even have to cash in your pocket. Bad experiences with drivers can notify users via the app, on your next trip you drivers who behave rude so avoid.