Free Uber Promo Code

We have many Free Uber Promo Codes available. Get your Free Uber Promo Code here. These are gifted from Uber so they always work. Free Uber Promo Code however, is bounded by regions. For example Uber promo codes for the US are not valid in Europe or Asia. Always check if the Uber promo code is valid in your region.

Uber is an internet company that connects travelers and people with a car. They operate in many companies and try to improve taxi services. Uber ca be seen as a competitor of regular taxis. The company connects millions of customers all around the world, in currently 67 companies. At the moment, both private and official taxi drivers can use uber to service travelers.





Uber Promo Code – Free $20 coupon for new Uber Users


Why choose Uber?

The Uber app makes Uber so easy to use. It does not matter what your location is, if you open the app, you will immediately see available taxis on the map. Pick a destination, order the taxi and wait until the Uber taxi arrives. On average, the pick up time is incidentally between 5 and 15 minutes. In the app you can also look up the phone number of a driver, for example if you want to know the exact arrival of the taxi.

No cash, no worries.

When signing up, you have your credit card linked with your account. Now you can order taxi’s anytime, even if you don’t have cash with you. When you arrive at your destination, the amount is automatically deducted from your credit card. Sign up with a Free Uber promo code to receive $20 for free for your first Uber ride. If the amount of your first ride over $20, the remaining amount of your credit card will be debited.