Uber Cab

Order an Uber cab easily with the Uber app. Just enter your preferred destination in the “where to” search option. Confirm your selected location and pick one option out of the available Uber cab selections, such as UberX, UberBlack or UberVan. The Uber app always gives you an estimation of the price of the Uber cab, to make sure you know what to expect.

How do you order an Uber cab?

After you confirmed your pick-up location as well, you will be matched with an Uber driver who is close to your location. You will get many details of the Uber cab, such as the type of the car, the license plate and the picture of the driver. You will also see where the driver is, so you know when it is time to get off the couch and go outside to catch your Uber.

After your Uber driver dropped you at your preferred location, both you and the Uber driver finish the drive and you can get out. You can award a score to your Uber driver for how clean the car is, whether he was kind to you and whether he chose the fastest route.

About the Uber cab

Finding a cab during the busiest hours of the day or in rural areas can be incredibly hard. Regular taxis ususally cost a lot of money and you never know what kind of driver you will get. That is why you should order an Uber cab. Ordering an Uber cab is safe, costs less money than a regular taxi and you know exactly what you are going to get.

Uber cabSign up for Uber, enter your personal details and order an Uber cab. You can download the Uber app for iOS, Android or Widows Phone. Next thing you just set your location and request a cab. The Uber app will determine your location and you can set your exact pickup location. The Uber driver will accept your request and will pick you up. You can follow the driver on the app, but it will also alert you when cab is arriving

Once driver starts the car, your trip begins. When you reach your destination, the driver will confirm the end of the trip. At the end of the trip, the fare for the ride will be charged from your Credit Card and you won’t have pay any cash.