Become an Uber driver

Become an Uber driver and earn choose your own working hours! Becoming an Uber driver is easy, safe and you will earn money fast! Check out how to become an Uber driver here. You can drive as many times as you like. The more you drive Uber, the more you earn. Your salary is paid weekly and you can earn over $ 6000 per week for a fulltime week. How does that sound compared to your current job? What are you waiting for? Sign up now to become an Uber driver!

Download the Uber app

Download the Uber app for your phone, sign up for a profile and enter your Credit Card information. After that, you can get started. You can use the Uber app both as a driver or as a user. The Uber app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Please note that using your Credit Card information in the Uber app is totally safe. Just don’t share any details with anyone. Uber employees will never ask for any Credit Card details.

Create your own business hours

Drive only when it suits you! Decide when you drive, where you drive and how long you drive. Making money has never been so easy and especially when you can combine it with visiting your grandkids or children, or after work.

Easier than you think

Driving Uber is easier than you think! Whether you are young or old, unemployed or retired, driving Uber is available for everyone. If you have your driver’s licence, you are allowed to drive Uber and earn money with your car. Don’t let your car cost money, make money!

If you don’t have a car, that is not problem at all. Uber makes sure that you can lease a car and become an Uber driver instead. Learn more here!

The requirements to become an Uber driver are: 

  1. 4-door sedan, with at least space for four passengers
  2. 2001 or newer.
  3. Valid licence plates.
  4. No marked, taxi, or damaged vehicles.
  5. You have to pass the Uber vehicle inspection.
  6. The car must be currently registered in your country